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Donnie Gupton

Staffing & Recruiting Marketing Expert

I put my 10,000 hours in working directly with over a thousand business owners, 'in the trenches'. I'm excited to be leveraging my 15 years of experience as a business owner, consultant, and one of the top marketers in the recruiting space on YOUR project. My work is directly responsible for millions in revenue for recruiting firms and building multiple thriving businesses of my own in different verticals. Let's solve your marketing issues and get you to the next level, fast.

  • Creator of The Relevant Recruiter Method

  • Generated Millions of Revenue For Recruiting & Search Firms Around The Globe

  • World-Class Marketer & Content Creator, Trusted by The Biggest Names In The Recruiting Industry

  • Over 10,000 Views Of His Free Trainings & Webinars


"We've been able to generate consistent deal flow..."

"Donnie has been "transformative" for my personal brand. By just implementing 20% of his program, we've been able to generate consistent deal flow, new prospects, and get on the radar screen of thousands of potentially new clients.."

-Tim Tonella

"5 interviews with 4 placements in 1 month!"

"Within a matter of a month, I have had 5 interviews with 4 placements and probably looking at another 3-6 interview and another 1-2 placement.If you are looking for someone with a process that is proven Donnie is your guy. I would highly recommend him"

-Shana Cannan


"Phenomenal investment for my company, more time and freedom"

"Working with Donnie has been a phenomenal investment for my company and has provided more time and freedom to focus on my clients, while simultaneously having an automated system growing my business."

-Michael Scott


"I have added over 6 figures to our bottom line without a single cold call"

"Because of The Relevant Recruiter Program I have added over 6 figures to our bottom line without having to make a single cold call."

-Mark Wilson


"I owe 50% of my placements to Donnie..."

"I owe 50% of my placements to Donnie. My network has grown over 300+ since using the Relevant Recruiter Method!"

-Elisabeth Hudson

"10 new contracts and at least 15 job orders in the last three months..."

"When we started implementing Donnie’s program we had more signed contracts. We've had close to 10 new contracts and at least 15 job orders in the last three months through COVID."

-Jessyca Shuttleworth


"I got 11 new contracts in the last 90 days"

"The Relevant Recruiter is a game changer. I got 11 new contracts in the last 90 days and they all came from Donnie’s process."

-Ben Bonnel

"Donnie has added more than six figures to my annual income"

"Working with Donnie has added more than six figures to my annual income. I'm so grateful I took the leap in engaging with Donnie."

-Chelsea Kroes


Identifying Bottlenecks

Getting to the next level, quickly, isn't as difficult as it seems. I'll help to identify your marketing bottlenecks and prescribe simple solutions.


Content That Converts

Marketing isn't created equally. Everything I do for your is inspired by direct response and engaging with the right prospects.


I'll Be Your Last Marketing Hire...

Most marketing consultants are typically folks that are well-intended, but don't understand the recruiting industry. Or they are recruiters that aren't true marketing experts that are just trying to sell another coaching program.  I've  helped grow hundreds of recruiting & search firms grow their business leveraging the power of LinkedIn and Online Marketing.


Solving The Messaging Puzzle

There are endless ways to start conversations with both your clients and candidates, but what's best for you and your business? I'll figure that out for you and prescribe an easy-to-follow solution.


Make More Placements

What do you and your business need to make more placements each month? I'll identify exactly that and hand you what you need to do that, repeatedly.

Unlock Your Business' Marketing Potential

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

'Recruiter's Advantage'
LinkedIn TuneUp

Untitled design
  • 1 Personalized, 15-Minute 'TuneUp' Video From Expert Marketer, Donnie Gupton, Perfectly Optimizing Your LinkedIn Prospecting

  • Identifying More Lead Generation Bottlenecks & Prescribing Easy Solutions

  • Recommendation On Tools Or Resources To Quickly Improve Your LinkedIn's Performance

  • Relevant Recruiter Method
    (Private 45-Minute Training Video)

  • Access To Donnie's "Billion Dollar Rolodex" Of Connections!


$499 Only $97!

1-Time Payment

Donnie's Relevant Recruiter Program

*Only 24 16 total spots available

  • 6 Month Coaching Program With Marketing Expert, Donnie Gupton

  • 2 Weekly Calls and Unlimited Email Support

  • Lifetime Access To Training Portal - All Trainings Are Short, 5 – 10 Minute Videos So You Can Go Through While You Stay Focused On Making Money.

  • Access To Templates for Social Media Profiles, LinkedIn Messaging and Email That Have Proven To Convert.

  • Everything You Need To Be a Successful Content Marketer, Content Topics, Examples, Distribution Strategies and All Things Video Marketing Are Included.

  • Get Access To Our Tech Stack That We Recommend And Step by Step Training On How To Use The Technology

  • Be A Part Of The Relevant Recruiter Inner Circle So You Are Surrond YourSelf With Likeminded Indviduals Looking To Uplevel Themselves.

Compare To Spending $5,000/mo+
On An Underperforming Marketing Agency...
...OR $120,000/year On An Underperforming CMO...OR Losing 20% Equity To A
Competent Marketing Partner


$11,999 Only $1,500/mo!


P.S. Think about this for a second...

If ALL this does is identify ONE new client, it's paid for...

If ALL this does is introduces a new traffic
source for talent, it's paid for...

If ALL this does is keep you from wasting
more time and money every quarter on
bad marketing agencies, it's paid for...

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Underperforming 'Full-Of-Excuses' Agencies, 'Marketing Guys', Or Trying To Do This On Your Own...



Why are you selling your marketing consulting like this?

I love to help people and my main offer is a high ticket which limits the number of people I can impact. I love getting my hands dirty and helping people solve their marketing and BD bottlenecks to get results faster. I'm honored to do that for you.

I'm interested in both your "LinkedIn TuneUp" and "The Relevant Recruiter Program". What's the difference?

A "LinkedIn TuneUp" is a quick, 15-minute video diagnosing and solving a marketing problem that you're facing. Think of it as a 'bite size' sample of what working with me is like. "The Relevant Recruiter" is my private invite-only program that only a handful of recruiting business owners have access to, that includes lifetime access to our training portal, 6 months of my hands-on support to help implement and optimize, templates to fast-track success, and access to our Inner circle to connect with other successful recruiting owners. It's like having a very productive CMO, withOUT having to pay a $120,000/yr salary or give up 20% equity.

I've hired marketers in the past, what makes you different?

Most coaches in the recruiting industry are recruiting experts trying to sell marketing but not true marketing experts. I solve a very specific problem for recruiting agencies and that is marketing. I have personally helped over 300 recruiting firms hands-on build out a winning marketing strategy with thousands more leveraging my free content and training to grow their business.  If you're still unsure, please browse this page -->

I don't know if I'm ready for this. How do I know if this is for me?

Do you have a recruiting business that's already up and running?  Do you want to grow your business? If you answered yes to those, a LinkedIn TuneUp is definitely for you.

What types of marketing issues will you solve for me?

Anything from your Linkedin Profile, LinkedIn messaging, targeting, content marketing, emails, tech stack review and anything else marketing-related that seems to be a bottleneck for you.

What exactly am I getting with the "LinkedIn TuneUp"?

Based on your submission on the next page, I'll personally record a 15-minute screen recorded video walking through your marketing bottleneck and prescribe simple fixes. You'll get the highly-valuable, customized video, plus a copy of my 'Relevant Recruiter Training'. Over 10,000 people have joined. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

This sounds good, but do you have more social proof I can see?

Absolutely. There are a few examples of folks I've helped out with marketing above, but if you want even more...I've got a ton of examples on this page --> (allow a few minutes for it to load, there's a LOT on there)

What exactly do I have to do to get my "LinkedIn TuneUp?

Click the red "Order Button" above, then you'll be sent to the order form. Place your order, and on the order confirmation page, you'll see a quick form to fill out to get me what I need in order to complete your LinkedIn TuneUp! The entire process will take you less than 4 minutes.

Is your 'LinkedIn TuneUp' right for my business?

Do you recruit? Do you want to make more money? Yes, a "LinkedIn TuneUp" is what you need to maximize your LinkedIn efforts and get you to the next level, fast.

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